Embrace it.
I didn't go natural, my hair grows this way - so I let it.


It’s alright lil booty shawtys i still got love for ya

"God forbid
a woman be more
than her

-Michelle K., Angry Women and Diet Commercials.  (via polkanots)


The cop who shot a dog in front of its 6 year old owner was fired after outrage from the community and a “Justice for Apollo” campaign.

The cop who shot an unarmed black teen is on paid leave and remains protected by his department. So far, days of outrage and protest have still not brought any justice to Mike Brown.

In America, in 2014, the life of a black man is valued less than that of a dog.


Sometimes I wonder if this corruption will ever be reversible.


sometimes you just have to take a breath and realize that you’re a work in progress and that’s okay. it may be difficult right now, but the best is yet to come. aren’t you excited?

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